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At Mather Street Primary School and Yew Tree Community School, we use White Rose Maths as the main framework to teach mathematics to our children. This is supplemented with other resources to provide appropriate national curriculum coverage and the opportunity for children to become fluent, be able to reason mathematically and solve mathematical problems. Children throughout the school follow a mathematical process based on the CPA approach where they learn a mathematical concept though using concrete apparatus, represent it pictorially and then use the skills they have learnt in an abstract way to carry out calculations.


Home Learning and Support with maths for parents from White Rose

Michael's information guides for parents relating to different mathematical topics

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 3. A-guide-to-multiplication.pdfDownload
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 5. A-guide-to-fractions.pdfDownload
 6. A-guide-to-algebra.pdfDownload
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Maths in EYFS

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Long Term Plan for Maths

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Mathematics - Year Group Coverage

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