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Equality of Duty

The Governing Body of My Schools Together, on behalf of Mather Street Primary School and Yew Tree Community School, is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all members of the federation's community. 

Priorities for 2020/21

We continue to promote equality of opportunity for all staff and job applicants. Members of the teaching staff have regular access to CPD to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to deliver quality lessons. We are developing the CPD offer for teaching assistants so that they have the opportunity to develop their skills as well.

Covid-19 has meant that the education of all children has been disrupted. We have built a programme of ‘catch-up’ into the federation’s curriculum offer. In addition, we are providing holiday and weekend classes, additional homework and guidance for parents to support with home learning. During periods of isolation, pastoral support will ensure that all children can access online learning either by providing a laptop/iPad or paper-based learning.

We are promoting cultural development and an understanding of equality by providing a rich range of experiences through direct teaching and incidental opportunities across the curriculum. We will identify and share good practice so that we continue to reduce barriers and inequalities across the federation. 

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