Mather Street, Failsworth, Manchester M35 0DT


Mather Street Primary School

Federated with Yew Tree Community School (MY Schools Together)

Curriculum Intent Statement 

As a federation, we have taken into account the starting point of all our pupils to create a bespoke curriculum which meets the needs of the children, our federation and our locality. This includes a significant focus on the development and acquisition of vocabulary and a rigorous approach to the development of reading throughout the federation. We present our children with an expansive curriculum, rich in the development of long term knowledge, aimed at ensuring that children are given a secure understanding of the world in which they live and how civilisations from the past have impacted our way of life. We also provide our children with a well-planned programme of experiences aimed at developing their cultural capital and aspirations for the future.


We ensure that we provide a progressive and coherent curriculum that builds on prior knowledge, creating links across the curriculum, to embed learning. We look at specific strands within-subject to ensure that there is a narrative within our curriculum which can be followed when moving from one topic to another (i.e. – the development of Britain from the stone age to 1066 and famous historical figures throughout time). By doing this, all teachers are fully aware of the end of year expectations for each subject within their year group and how their year group fits into the long term plan and priorities of the federation.


We have a highly ambitious curriculum and expect the highest outcomes for all including those with specific SEND needs. We immerse the children in a wealth of high-quality texts linked to the topics. This is to create incidental knowledge links and ensure that they are reading widely and are exposed to good language models. Alongside this, we deliver our lessons in a way in which children are given the best opportunity to retain the information from the topic. Curriculum disciplines are blocked into larger intensive blocks. By doing this we allow the children time and space to be immersed in the learning, vocabulary and text. This gives them opportunities to work collaboratively with their peers and discuss key concepts as a class at an in-depth level. Finally, we encourage the children to think independently and present their knowledge in a variety of different ways developing both written and oral skills. As a federation, we expect the highest standards for the pupils within the school in everything they do.


As a federation, we do not narrow the curriculum. We value the importance that the non-core subjects have on the cognitive development of the children and the aspirational outcomes for pupils. All the children, throughout their time in the federation, will be exposed to a broad and rich curriculum aimed at developing their cultural capital, knowledge and aspirations for the future.