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Mather Street Primary School

Federated with Yew Tree Community School (MY Schools Together)

Y2 Tuesday

Story Time

Remember - daily story time - join us on Zoom at 2pm.

Meeting ID: 688 223 2021

Passcode: jz5Mu5

E mail pictures of your work to Miss Conway - y2matherstreet@gmail.com

Here are some TV programmes that will help the children with their work. 

On BBC 2 4:00pm-4:30pm The Great Rift ... Africa's Wild Heart is all about the life of animals in Africa (previous episodes are available on the BBC i-player. 

Meerkat Manor is available on BBC i-player - it is a programme about meerkats. We are studying books about meerkats in English and the children are keen to find out more. 


Powerpoint version

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Starter Activity 

 Y2 Tuesday.docxDownload
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Watch the video clip   Spr2.7.2 - Make 2D and 3D shapes on Vimeo   and complete the activities 

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Topic - RE

Powerpoint version and activity sheet

 Y2 Easter objects that are important to me.pdfDownload
 Y2 Week 2 what do Easter objects mean.pptDownload
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