Mather Street, Failsworth, Manchester M35 0DT


Mather Street Primary School

Federated with Yew Tree Community School (MY Schools Together)

Year 1


Thank you for supporting your child with their learning at home. 

We would love to see what you have been doing - please send photographs of your work to:  

Miss Adshead - year1matherstreet@gmail.com

This is our most recent Year 1 newsletter

 MS Y1 newsletter.pdfDownload
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Handwriting Powerpoint

 handwriting demo no flicks (1).pptxDownload
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Grammar activities (with answers)

 My Mixed Grammar Workout Y1.pdfDownload
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Maths activities

 Maths Revision Activities Section A.pptxDownload
 Y1 Maths activities 1 - 15.pdfDownload
 Y1 Place Value.pdfDownload
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Design a Bug

 Design A Bug.docxDownload
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Reading Activity

Choose a story to listen to:




Reading book - follow up activities 

 Follow up reading activities.docxDownload
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Reading Books 

 Blue Band - Hans in Luck Phase 4.pptxDownload
 Green - Clever Chick.pptxDownload
 Orange Band - The Junk Cruncher.pptxDownload
 Pink Band - Pad the Cat.pptxDownload
 Purple - Peanuts.pptxDownload
 Red Band - Jim Swim.pptxDownload
 Turquoise Band - The Dark Glass.pptxDownload
 Yellow Band - Seasons.pptxDownload
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 Blue - Bully Bear.pptxDownload
 Green - Awake at Night.pptxDownload
 Orange - No Ball Games!.pptxDownload
 Pink Phase 2 - Duck and the Balloon.pptxDownload
 Purple - Pedal Power.pptxDownload
 Red Phase 3 - Shadows in the Sun.pptxDownload
 Turquoise - Living in a Castle.pptxDownload
 Yellow - Josie Helps Out.pptxDownload
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 Blue - A Ball Called Sam.pptxDownload
 Green - The Fantastic Pumpkin.pptxDownload
 Orange - Is it a FRUIT.pptxDownload
 Pink Phase 2 - Animal Homes.pptxDownload
 Purple - Jumping Jack.pptxDownload
 Red Phase 3 - Beep Beep, Timmy!.pptxDownload
 Turquoise - Rumpelstiltskin.pptxDownload
 Yellow - Funny Ears.pptxDownload
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 Blue - Can We Keep Him.pptxDownload
 Green - Camping.pptxDownload
 Orange - How Turtle got his shell.pptxDownload
 Pink Phase 2 - Cookies.pptxDownload
 Purple - The Cherokee Little People.pptxDownload
 Red Phase 3 - Look Outside.pptxDownload
 Turquoise - Sorry!.pptxDownload
 Yellow - Today and Long Ago.pptxDownload
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 Blue - Mrs Mog’s Cats.pptxDownload
 Green - Yo-Yo a Go-Go.pptxDownload
 Orange - Gog the Great.pptxDownload
 Phase 2 Pink - Cat Is Sleeping.pptxDownload
 Purple - The Elves and the Shoemakers.pptxDownload
 Red Phase 3 - Quick! Quick! Quick!.pptxDownload
 Turquoise - Aladdin.pptxDownload
 Yellow - Lost Dog.pptxDownload
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 Blue level - Terrible Tiger.pptxDownload
 Green level - Stone Soup.pptxDownload
 Orange level - Where Do All the Puddles Go.pptxDownload
 Pink Phase 2 Can You See Cat.pptxDownload
 Purple level - Pirates Life At Sea.pptxDownload
 Red Phase 3 King Pip and the Troll.pptxDownload
 Yellow level - Runaway Pony.pptxDownload
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