Mather Street, Failsworth, Manchester M35 0DT


Mather Street Primary School

Federated with Yew Tree Community School (MY Schools Together)

Starting School is a really important and exciting time for both you and your child. Many of you will be a little nervous about it, please be assured that you won't be alone in feeling this way and we will take good care of your child whilst s/he is with us. There are a few things that you can do to prepare your child for starting school and during the first weeks/months that they are there, such as:

  • get your child used to being away from you for a short time
  • make sure s/he is toilet trained
  • teach him/her to put on and take off his/her own coat, jumper and shoes
  • help him/her to recognise his/her own name
  • share stories together, talking about the pictures and what is happening
  • sing songs and nursery rhymes together
  • talk about what you are doing whilst playing, going to the park, cooking, shopping etc
  • ask your child questions about what s/he is doing
  • provide your child with lots of physical activities to develop core strength and muscles, such as running, jumping, climbing, dancing, throwing, catching and kicking a ball
  • make sure s/he gets a good night's sleep

The documents below provide some more activities that you could try with your child at home.


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